2018 ACA Open Canoe Nationals

Runs on the Arkansas and Nearby Rivers

The Arkansas or Ark is the whitewater playground of Colorado. Below is a short compilation or nearby runs on the Arkansas and a list of other nearby, well known rivers that offer great opportunities for you to enjoy a little non racing diversions. If you want advice or have questions about what would suit you and the time you have, feel free to ask Alan or any of the other race officials and volunteers.

Some runs on the Arkansas:

Arkansas Headwaters Park Website

Granite/Pine Creek class 3/4 with Pine Creek (5)
Numbers class 4
Fractions 3+
Milk Run class 2 to 2+
Browns Canyon class 3
Fibark downriver race course class 2 to 3
Five Points to Parkdale class 3
Royal Gorge class 3/4

Other nearby notable rivers worth visiting include:

The Taylor. 135 miles class 3 to 4
The Eagle. 140 miles away including runs from class 2 to 5
The Blue. 110 miles away class 2 and 3 runs
The South Platte. 105 miles class 2 to 5
The Roaring Fork. 150 miles class 2 to 4
The Colorado. 150 to 190 miles away including class 2 to 5
Clear Creek. 125 miles including class 3 to 5 runs
The Gunnison. 200 miles class 2 to 6
The Cache la Poudre. 200 miles class 2 to 5